water soluble Brassinolide 72962-43-7

Product Detail Name: water soluble Brassinolide CAS No.: 72962-43-7 Feature: water soluble Brassinolide 72962-43-7, more economical, convenient and efficient for use. Brassinolide is internationally recognized as a highly effective, broad-spectrum and non-toxic plant growth regulator with the highest activity. It has the dual functions of splitting and prolonging plant cells, promoting the development of roots, enhancing photosynthesis, increasing the content of chlorophyll in crops, promoting the effective absorption of fertilizer by crops, assisting the good growth of inferior parts of crops, promoting roots, strengthening seedlings, protecting flowers and fruits; Improve the cold resistance, drought resistance, salt and alkali resistance of crops and significantly reduce the occurrence of diseases.   Composition: Assay: 98%TC Appearance: white powder Packing: 25kg Shelf Life: 2 years Storage: Store in cool and dry area Certification:ISO

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