water soluble Chlormequat chloride,CCC, Cycocel 999-81-5

Product Detail Name: water soluble Chlormequat chloride,CCC, Cycocel CAS No.: 999-81-5 Feature: water soluble Chlormequat chloride,CCC, Cycocel, more economical, convenient and efficient for use. It is a widely used plant growth regulator. Its main role is to slowly inhibit the division of the thin breasts at the top of the bottom of various crops, resulting in thick stems and shortened internodes, making plants shorter, roots developed, and widening and thickening of leaves, dark green leaves, and flowers. , Leaf and late growth did not deform. Chlormequat can be used in most food and cash crops, vegetables, etc., such as corn, rice, tobacco, potatoes, tomatoes, have a good yield increase effect. Composition: Appearance: White crystal Assay: 99%TC Packing:25kg/bag Shelf Life: 2 Years Storage: Store in cool and dry area Certification:ISO GMP

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