Bifidobacterium breve 400 billion CFU/g

Name:Bifidobacterium breve 400 billion CFU/g Feature: The main role and wide application of bifidobacteria also laid the foundation for the development of bifidobacteria. After continuous exploration and experiment by many experts and scholars, it has been confirmed that bifidobacteria is the most beneficial flora in the intestine. The reduction or even disappearance of bifidobacteria is a sign of "unhealthy" status. Bifidobacteria is a barometer of human health. Composition: 400 billion CFU/g Appearance:White to cream-colored, free-flowing powder Packing: 1 kg & 2 kg aluminum foil bags Shelf Life: 2 years Storage: Store in cool and dry area Certification:ISO GMP KOSHER HALAL

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