Lactic acid bacteria metabolite raw material powder

Product Detail Name: Lactic acid bacteria metabolite raw material powder CAS: N/A Feature: Lactic acid bacteria are composed of a group of bacteria with the same morphology, metabolism and physiological characteristics, most of which are Gram-positive, non-spore cocci or bacilli, and this group of bacteria can produce a large amount of lactic acid during the fermentation of available carbohydrates. The metabolites of lactic acid bacteria have potential applications in food and medicine. The main metabolites of lactic acid bacteria, such as acidic metabolites, extracellular polysaccharides, lactic acid bacteria, and γ-aminobutyric acid have the characteristics of regulating the body's immunity, anti-tumor, antibacterial and antiseptic properties. Lactic acid bacteria has the following applications/functions: Strengthen the stomach and intestines, improve immunity 1.Lactic acid bacteria metabolites are the main substances that maintain the balance of the intestinal flora, which can balance the flora and increase immunity, so as to improve intestinal health, improve physical functions and restore physical health. Lactic acid bacteria metabolites are the metabolites of the interaction between beneficial bacteria and lactic acid bacteria in the intestine. However, as the age increases, the probiotics in the body continue to decrease, and the lactic acid bacteria metabolites decrease. By directly supplementing the lactic acid bacteria metabolites to balance the intestinal flora , Supplementing lactic acid bacteria metabolites can change the intestinal environment, inhibit the reproduction of harmful bacteria, and adjust the balance of gastrointestinal flora, thereby solving the problem of gastric acid erosion and improving human health. 2.Lactic acid bacteria metabolites can improve immunity. Lactic acid bacteria metabolites can stimulate tissue development and have an effect on the body's nutritional status, physiological functions, immune response and stress response. Lactic acid bacteria metabolites can provide the human body with nutrients, essential amino acids and various vitamins (vitamin B group and K, etc.), and can also improve the biological activity of mineral elements. Lactic acid bacteria metabolites also have antibacterial effects, and have a good inhibitory effect on some spoilage bacteria and low temperature bacteria. It can be used to prevent and treat diarrhea, diarrhea, enteritis, constipation and various diseases caused by intestinal dysfunction. In addition, lactic acid bacteria metabolites lower serum cholesterol and control endotoxins. Composition: Appearance: White powder Assay: 98% Packing: 25kg/drum or as discussed Shelf Life: 2 years Storage: Store in cool and dry area Certification:ISO GMP KOSHER HALAL

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